Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My $1.92 evening trip to Target!

Listerine Whitening for $0.48 a bottle at Target! How? Heard from a little birdie that these have been clearanced down yet AGAIN to $1.98. I went to check it out at my store and sure enough they were marked down! I used 2 $2/1, and 2 $1/1's... here's the breakdown.

$7.92 - $6 coupons = $1.92 ($0.48 cents each)
I got all four for less than the price of one! What a deal. Giving 1 bottle to my sister, and 1 bottle in my donation bin, and keeping 2 bottles for myself. That worked out great!

And about those Whiska's cat treats. FREE. I used 2 B1G1's on them, and got them both free. Sweet!

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