Thursday, May 27, 2010


Talk about the Biore motherload! I have enough Biore products to last me until Jesus comes back. Wait until you hear about this deal I got!

(6) packs of Pore Strips = 35.64
(2) 4-in-1 Cleansers = 11.98
(1) Ice cleanser = 5.94
(3) Pore Scrubs = 17.82
= 71.42 without coupons

** Each pore strip came with a $2 off coupon for next time!
** Two of the pore packs came with a free sample of the new steam cleanser!

So here's where the savings come in, I had 6 B1G1 coupons, so all 6 of the cleansers were FREE. Then I had two 2/1 and two 1/1's that I used. I also got back a $5 Target giftcard for every 3 products (i.e. $20)

That brings my total from $71.42 to.... 9.68 or about $0.80 cents per product. Not to mention I got $12 in coupons and two free samples!

I love Target.

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